About Us

Welcome to Central. Whether you’re just beginning to explore the Christian faith or a longtime disciple of Jesus, we’re glad you’re here. Our church is for anyone who wants to learn more about the Christian faith and grow together in real community.

Central’s history as a leading church in the city of St. Louis and our passion for engaging contemporary culture give our church a unique identity.  We strive to communicate the orthodox Christian faith in a way that is clear and applicable to life today.

Central is a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), a conservative, traditional denomination. The EPC is a family of churches, Reformed and Presbyterian, defined by shared core values and bonded by the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. The EPC is a church family centered upon the good news of what God has done for the world through His Son, Jesus Christ.

This website will help you know more about Central. We hope you find it useful in drawing near to God, finding a place in this community, and learning how you might serve God with your skills.