June 12, 2017

Central’s Officer Nominating Committee of the Congregation (ONCC) is now accepting nominations for qualified individuals for the offices of elder and deacon, as well as candidates from the congregation to serve on the ONCC . The deadline for submitting nominations is Sunday, July 30.

Please read and pray through what God’s word says about church leaders in 1 Timothy 3:1-12 and in Titus 1:6-9. Click here to read the full description of qualifications.

After speaking to the person you would like to nominate and gaining their approval, please click here to submit your nomination(s). Thank you for participating in this important process!

Current Officers


Class of '17
Class of '18
Class of '19
Erin Gardner
Sam Chimento
Norman Barter
Gerry Goeke
Joe Egertson
Marc Braun
Andy Gunn
Doug Kennedy
Nathan Burgess
Jeremiah Jobe
Larry Kindbom
Dave Dunlap
John Kramer
Carl Lothman
Peter Geisz
Robert Mannion
Bob Mark
John Holmes
Steve Rasche Brian Middendorf Mark Mills
Scott Smout Mark Talbott Neal Nielsen
Jeff Waller Eric Schmidt
Dennis Wiggers Brad Smith
Gary Smith
Tyler Stephens
Scott Wait


Class of '17 Class of '18 Class of '19
Adam Bush Michael Dorsey Mike Hentrich
Bob Church John Hamer Steve Hurst
Tim Corbet Ron Spielman Lawson Primm
John Clayton Steve Subracko Andy Roth
Jared Gilbert Ben Swoboda
James Griffith
Paul Reising


Chuck Barker Mike Dorsey Carl Lothman
Jane Bogar Pete Geisz Chris Sasse
Allen Boggs John Hamer Tyler Stephens
Kim Burzinski Ed Koehler Rosemary Wiggers
Sam Chimento Harry Langenberg


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