Current Officers

ELECTION RESULTS: Thank you to all who attended our December annual meeting of the congregation! All incoming Elders, the Deacon and ONCC members were elected (click to view ballot). Questions? Feel free to contact us at


Class of '19
Class of '20
Class of '21
Norman Barter
Jeffrey Holtz Alan Barker
Marc Braun
Steven Hurst
Allan Boggs
Nathan Burgess David Klotz
Doug Kennedy
Dave Dunlap
John Shifflett
Larry Kindbom
Peter Geisz Scott Smout
Carl Lothman
John Holmes
John Tackes
Bob Mark
Mark Mills Pat Stark
Neal Nielsen
Eric Schmidt
Brad Smith
Gary Smith
Tyler Stephens
Scott Wait


Class of '19 Class of '20 Class of '21
Mike Hentrich Bob Church John Hamer
Lawson Primm Don Stream
Andy Roth


Katie Boggs Susan Klotz
John McGowan Jane Smith


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