Plant CWE

Central Presbyterian Church is very excited to be working in partnership with Pastor Eric Stiller to plant a church in the Central West End area of St. Louis. The city has long been a passion of Eric's, and we are thankful God has placed this call upon Eric's heart and blessed Central to participate in this work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Central planting a church?

In God’s unfolding providence, he has given Pastor Eric Stiller an unshakeable call to plant a church in the city, and specifically in the Central West End area. After a period of significant prayer, study, and discussion, your elders on the session have affirmed this call. 

Is now the time to be planting a church?

Planting a church is difficult to do, and some of the risk certainly falls upon the planting or “sending”church, but we feel called to trust in the Lord’s guidance and provision. There is a strong sense of conviction by the Holy Spirit upon the hearts of Central’s leadership that we can and should support Eric at this time. We feel this is one means by which we can fulfill our mission of evangelism to the St. Louis metro area.

Will Central be supporting the Central West End plant financially?

Yes, Central will provide financial support for the first three years. Eric will also be seeking support from other churches and the Presbytery. The budget impact of this commitment has been studied at length, and we are confident it will not be an undue burden on any of Central’s other ministries.

You can contribute financially to Plant CWE here.

How else might Central participate in this plant?

Central will also be providing back-office support (accounting, payroll, etc.) and some other services in support of Plant CWE for a period of time.

What is the timeframe for launching the church plant?

On May 1st, Eric will begin his transition to church planter, spending roughly 50% of his time on the endeavor. By late summer, it is anticipated he will complete the transition and be fully focused on the church plant. The actual launch of the new church is anticipated to occur in February of 2016.

Why plant in the Central West End?

There are numerous reasons why Eric is focusing on this area. The Central West End is the location of significant development in recent years with businesses such as Cortex, Whole Foods, and IKEA putting down roots there. These businesses bring amenities and jobs that are drawing in new residents. It is where Eric and his wife Jenny live, and they are passionate about bringing the gospel to the neighborhood. Perhaps most importantly, there are very few churches having any significant impact among the young, multi-ethnic professionals who are moving here. An increasing number of these young people would identify themselves as without religious affiliation (popularly known as "the nones"), and church plants are a statistically and historically proven means of reaching such people.



How can I learn more about the Central West End plant?

If you are curious to learn more about the plant, or interested in getting more involved, you are invited to reach out to Eric for more information.

Eric would also invite you to subscribe to the Plant CWE prayer newsletter. This is a wonderful way to support the plant effort and be kept up to date on the latest happenings.