Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Harvey

On Friday, August 25, made landfall northeast of Corpus Christi, TX as a Category 4 hurricane. It then moved offshore before making landfall again just north of Corpus Christi at Copano Bay, this time as a Category 3 hurricane.

Houston, our country's fourth most-populated city, has been particularly hard hit. More than 30 inches of rain had fallen over parts of the Houston metro area by Monday. The storm system moved back over the Gulf of Mexico, and is now projected to make landfall again east of Houston late Tuesday or Wednesday. Though not nearly as strong as before, the system is still projected to bring as much as another 20 inches of rain. The anticipated 50 total inches of rain the area will have received in less than a week is roughly equivalent to Houston's annual rainfall.

Hurricane Irma

After being classified as a Category 5 hurricane for three consecutive days, longer than any other Atlantic hurricane, Irma caused significant damage in the Caribbean before hitting the Florida Keys on Sunday, September 10. 

Though Irma had weakened to a tropical storm Monday morning, continued storm surge and inland flooding are a danger, as are tropical cyclones as the storm makes its way over the Southern states.



  • Pray for the storm to diminish and floodwaters to recede. Pray that the areas affected would not receive as much additional rainfall as projected.
  • Pray for the grieving, those who have lost loved ones or suffered injuries. Pray also for those cut off from those they love, and are unable to contact them. May they know the presence and comfort of the Lord, and may he strengthen them.
  • Pray for the Lord’s provision for those who have lost homes, and those who will be most affected by the economic affects of this tragedy.
  • Pray for the relief workers, first responders, and all those working to rescue and assist those in need. Give thanks for the many volunteers selflessly doing whatever is needed to give aid. Pray for their safety, strength, and endurance.
  • Pray that despite this tragedy, that the Lord would be glorified. Give thanks for the many stories already coming out of heroism, compassion, and love. 


The Evangelical Presbyterian Church has set up an emergency relief fund in response to devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. In collaboration with the Presbytery of the Gulf South, donations to the fund will be sent to EPC churches in the greater Houston area affected by the storm. Click the button below to donate.

Give to Hurricane Relief

We know there are many other organizations also currently accepting or soliciting funds for this cause. Prior to giving to any organization, we encourage you to use Charity Navigator to select highly-rated organizations with a proven record of effective stewardship.





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