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Adult Sunday School Returns!

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We were not created to walk through life alone.  God designed us to flourish best as part of the family of God, united to God and one another through Christ Jesus. As sisters and brothers to one another in Christ, we grow in spiritual maturity and wisdom by worshiping, learning, and serving in the community of God’s people.

We invite you to commit fully to God and his people by participating in Central’s ministries of spiritual formation. We offer places to connect and belong, to know and be known, to be accepted by the grace of Christ and transformed by the power and love of Christ in every aspect of your life. We hope you find your place and your purpose in the family of God at Central.

If you have questions, or would like help finding the right opportunity for you, please contact Pastor Mike Farley at .

20s & 30s

9am, Classroom B

This community for young adults is a great place to connect, grow, and learn.  This fall, we will read The Art of Neighboring to learn practical ways to share the good news of Jesus in word and deed.

Leadership: Scott & Barb Wait, Pastor Todd & Sherdonna Denholm

My Sunday Family

9am, The Gathering Place

My Sunday Family is a community seeking to connect and support each other while learning to follow Christ together as the family of God.  Our meetings always include teaching and small group discussion as well as time to share life’s joys and struggles and to pray for one another.  This fall, we will study aspects of the Christian life addressed in the letters of Paul.

Leadership: Tyler Stephens and Thom Avery



9am, Parlor

Navigators is a community of mixed ages and stages that seeks a deeper faith and relationships through study, prayer, discussion, and community. This fall, we will use the Gospel Transformation study to learn how to understand and live all of life on the basis of the grace of God in Jesus Christ.  

Leadership: John & Veeda Holmes, Doug Kennedy, Ed & Judy Koehler, Carl Lothman


10:30am, Parlor

Gleaners is a group of men and women of mixed group of ages, marital status, and biblical knowledge who study the Bible to apply it to their lives and seek greater obedience and faithfulness to the glory of God.  This fall, we will study 1st and 2nd Timothy to learn from the apostle Paul’s instructions about the life and ministry of the church.

Leadership: Neal Nielsen


We Still Have 3 Services!

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Hopefully you are aware at this point that starting next week, July 5, Central is moving to a new worship schedule, featuring two Sunday morning services at 9 and 10:45am. What you may not be aware of though is that Central will still have three worship services, with the continuation of our 5pm service on Sunday evenings.

Historically, this evening service has been called Trio, and has been a “site” of Central that happened to worship on our campus. Some may have assumed that Central is continuing Trio as a separate community, but the goal is to actually better connect and unify this service with the rest of Central’s worship, while maintaining much of the same feel and style Trio has been known for.

There will be two primary differences to our third service starting next week. The first difference will be a new space. On July 5, the service will be moving into Central’s Student Center. This wonderful space will provide a warmer and more inviting feel, give us increased capacity for community, better audio and video technical abilities. It also allows us to better steward our Fellowship Hall space, which is being transformed for better use on Sundays. We also hope this move will generate some interest amongst new people and help us better integrate additional Central families into worship. 

The other main difference will be the preaching. Since its inception almost 10 years ago, Trio has always featured a different sermon than on Sunday mornings, and typically a different pastor as well. With Eric Stiller’s transition to church planting in the Central West End, our third service is now going to share the same sermon and preacher as our morning services. It is our hope that this will help unify our unique worshipping communities.

While these changes will require some transition, much of what has happened on Sunday evenings will continue. The music will continue to have the same quality leadership and musicians who provide a jazz-influenced, contemporary style. The service will still seek to provide a safe place for unbelievers and those who have left the Church to engage the community at Central. We will also continue to foster an intergenerational environment that has been a good home for many families over the years.

As our community seeks to find a new rhythm with the change in service times, we hope that Sunday evenings at 5pm will be a good landing place for you. We would invite you to come and check it out. If you would like more information about this service or ways that you could be involved in helping with the transition, please contact Pastor Todd Denholm ( ).

Posted by Todd Denholm