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UPDATE | Ukraine Crisis

07.03.14 | Missions

    The political and economic unrest in Ukraine has turned bloody. Many people in eastern Ukraine have been forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in the west. One of our sister churches in Donestk has been greatly impacted. Many of these...

    Congregational Survey Results

    05.11.14 | Pastor Search | by Pastor Search Committee

      We are pleased to provide a brief, preliminary update on the congregational survey administered to all five Central worship services on Sunday, March 30.  The first noteworthy data point is that, of those who worshiped with us that day, 70%...

      "I was a stranger..."

      04.04.14 | Exhortation | by Fran Hamilton

        When crisis strikes, many of us rely on relatives and our church family for support. But for some parents, there isn't a safety net. During such crisis, children are especially at-risk for neglect or abuse as their parents struggle to cope with...

        Helping Children In Need

        02.28.14 | by Fran Hamilton

          Safe Families for Children (SFFC), affiliated with Bethany Christian Services, helps parents in temporary crisis by providing a loving family with whom their children may stay until the crisis has passed.


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