Ministry to Widows

Whether you have recently lost your spouse or lost your spouse some time ago, or whether you are living alone, with family, or in a senior community, Central's ministry is here to help provide spiritual, personal, and practical support.

Contact Tina in the Congregational Care office at (314-727-2777 or info for more information of how we can encourage, comfort and pray with you to help you through the difficult times following the death of your husband

Personal Connection

Staying in contact with your community is important, particularly after the loss of a spouse. Central offers a wide variety of Bible studies, community groups, and women's ministry offerings. Additionally, we are happy to offer home visits by Central members, including those who have already endured what you are going through, who will pray with you and offer comfort and peace.


We would love to see you on Sunday mornings! Our ministry team would be happy to help arrange transportation to and from worship services and other church events.

In-Home Services

Maintaining your home can be challenging for anyone. Central has developed a network of people who can handle minor needs around your home from within our congregation as well as many who have been "vetted" by Central members.

Practical Support

As with home maintenance, we can provide a centralized directory of church members and other screened resources outside the church who are qualified to give guidance with some of your practical needs. We also maintain a collection of online resources such as www.widowmight.org.


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