A sense of belonging is important. It is how God has made us. Whether it is belonging to a family or a community, knowing we are part of something larger than ourselves can make us feel known, cared for, and valued. This is never more true than when we come to realize we belong to God, that we are part of his family. We will never be more known, more cared for, or more loved than we are by God.

EquipU is comprised of classes and training, community building, and of course, a delicious dinner, all designed to foster belonging while equipping you to grow in your faith.

Classes for Adults

Mental Wellness

This spring, Central invites you to participate in a series of discussions on the issues of suicidality and self-harm. A team of local mental health and medical professionals will share the latest data, help us to identify key warning signs, dispel common myths, and help us to know how to care for those whose lives are affected by suicide.  Learn more...

How Media Is Formed and How It Forms Us

We all consume media, but are we aware of how media consumes us? This five-week class, led by Ned O'Gorman, Professor of Communication at the University of Illinois, will look at the role of media in God's creation and at the unique power of media in the 21st century. Learn more...


Take a night off from cooking by participating in the EquipU "meal plan!" Sign up for the whole semester or just the weeks you choose, and your family will enjoy a delicious meal from Central's kitchen. It's as easy as "1, 2, 3" and best of all, it's free, safe, and you don't even have to get out of the car!

Learn more or sign up here.