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Grades 6-12

We partner with parents to shepherd children and students in living out their identity as members of the body of Christ.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What the Sunday morning schedule?
What curriculum do you use on Sunday mornings?
How does drop-off and pick-up work?
How will I know about special events and when there is no Sunday school?
How can I help?
Who are the small group leaders?
Is there Mid-Week Programming?
Do High Schoolers have a special time of their own?
What’s next for my child? Is there a Scope and Sequence?
Who is in charge? What if I other questions or concerns about Student Central?
How can I be sure my child is safe?


What the Sunday morning schedule?

9:50 – 10:10am  - Fellowship
Conversation starter question/picture on the screen

10:10-10:25am  - Announcements and Large-Group Worship
Prayer or Apostles Creed
Scripture Reading for the day
Catechism Question for the day
Doxology or Hymn

10:25-10:50am Small Group Time – age and gender specific groups
Scripture Reading

10:55am - Off to Church 

11:00am – Student Center Closed

What curriculum do you use on Sunday mornings?

This year, we are studying HC and Me, published by Faith Alive. HC and Me and me is a two-year exhaustive prebuilt Sunday school curriculum that focuses on the Heidelberg Catechism. By the end of this series, we expect students to not only know who God is, but to also be able to faithfully live the Christian life in very practical ways. This series provides a solid Reformed worldview, as well as giving students a way to practice critical thinking skills. Each lesson is easily teachable and customizable by each small group leader. 

How does drop-off and pick-up work?

Our campus policy is to allow students who are 6th grade and older to walk alone on campus. Even though Student Central students do not need parents to check them in or out, we LOVE when parents stop in to meet their child’s small group leader and/or visit our programs. Our staff team will take attendance each week. To help us with this, please make sure you have an updated profile on MyCentral and include your family information. Thanks!

How will I know about special events and when there is no Sunday school?

Your best resource will in the MyCentral group called  “Student Central”. Check that group’s calendar for regular programming and special events. You might also want to follow our Student Central Instagram account (@stucentral) updates and event reminders. Please let us know if you aren’t getting Student Central communication via email!

How can I help?

First,  please make sure you have an updated profile on MyCentral and include your family information. Second, we’re always looking for parents to join us in this rewarding, Kingdom work. You can sign up to be a once-a-month helping hand, or a regular member of our leadership team. Email Karen for more information!

Who are the small group leaders?

6th/7th Girls: Cary Murphy, Deb Sommer, Becky Corbett 
8th Girls: Missy Smith, Stefanie Ravenhill
9th Girls: Lisa Smout, Caroline Inazu
10th-12th Girls: Divya Subramaniam, Catherine Stufflebam, Kelly Gilbert
7th/8th Boys: Rand Sommer, Josiah Malinski
9th Boys: Colin Ravenhill, Sam Stufflebam 
10/11th Boys: Jared Bullock, Matt Woodson
12th Boys: Scott Wait, Pete Johnson
*Note: you can access these leaders through MyCentral – our church data base.

Is there Mid-Week Programming?

Yes! We start with dinner in the Fellowship Hall (main building, lower floor) from 5:30-6:30pm, and classes run from 6:30-7:30pm for all ages. The nursery is open for kids 2 and under on Wednesdays. 

On Wednesday nights, Middle Schoolers will meet in the Student Center for fellowship, a large group lesson, and some small group discussion. This year, we'll be working our way through "The Wise Choice”: God’s Wisdom for Navigating Life by Tim Keller, No Easy Answers by Faith Alive. We'll study what wisdom is, and how to be able to discern Christian ethics. The first two weeks provide a general overview of wisdom literature. Students will learn what wisdom is, and how a biblical worldview changes the way we make decisions. The second half of the series offers case studies on making wise choices. Each case study uses one of the Ten Commandments as a starting point. Each case study is tailor made for adolescents.

Wednesday nights are reserved for Middle School programming (grades 6-8), but we LOVE when high schoolers come and participate in the following HS mid-week options:

  • Student Leadership Program – This is a ministry-leader training program for grades 10-12. Our High School leaders learn and grow by ministering to and leading our middle schoolers on Wednesday night. Application required.
  • Adult Classes – This year, we’d love our High Schoolers to join Matt, Jared, and Divya in Ben Tzeng’s class “Explore God”.
  • Choir – High Schoolers are welcome to join the choir. Rehearsal is on Wednesday nights!

Do High Schoolers have a special time of their own?

In addition to Sunday mornings, our High School Students also meet on Sunday evenings from 6:30-8:00pm in the Student Center. Sunday nights are for high schoolers - grades 9-12 - to have fellowship, teaching, and small-group discussion. 
This year, we'll be studying pain, suffering, and joy. Together, we'll study the problem of evil, and several the theodicies that try to answer why suffering exists. Leaders will use the book Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering by Tim Keller to guide our weekly discussions. Students will also have an opportunity to discuss with a leader their personal experiences with suffering and joy. 

What’s next for my child? Is there a Scope and Sequence?

Yes! It's our goal to provide a program for your kids that is tailored for and honors each unique age and stage of development. As they grow and mature, they will progress from basic exposure to scripture, prayer, worship and service to understanding and applying these spiritual disciplines in their own lives. Please see our Family Ministry Scope and Sequence Chart below.

Family Ministries Nursery & Early Childhood
8 wks-4yrs
Grades K-5
Middle School
Grades 6-8
High School
Grades 9-12
Scope & Sequence Initial
Scripture Memorize Read Interpret Apply
Prayer Memorize Corporate Personal Intercessory
Worship (Liturgy) Define Practice Confirm Lead
Service My Room My Peers My Church My Neighbor

Who is in charge? What if I other questions or concerns about Student Central?

Please don’t hesitate to contact anyone on our staff team with your questions and/or concerns:

Karen Brown:  Director of Family Ministries and Interim Director of Student Ministries
Matt Woodson: Assistant Director of Student Ministries/High School Coordinator
Ari Dayoub: Student Ministries Middle School Coordinator
Jenn Anderson: Family Ministries Big Event Coordinator/Student Ministries Administrative Assistant

How can I be sure my child is safe?

We keep our entrance monitored all morning, and we keep first-aid kits and emergency instructions in a prominent place on each floor. Each small group has at least two trained leaders and with a current background screening on file. You will find a copy of our safety policy in the FILES section of our MyCentral group called “Student Central Parents and Leaders”. Or feel free to contact Karen Brown to have the policy emailed to you.



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