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Families on Mission: Daily Direction

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Please tell me there will be a special crown in heaven for those who find themselves parenting in a pandemic. Adjusting to special guidelines for school, mask wearing, distance-learning, working from home and/or managing emotional meltdowns is just too much to handle under one roof. On top of all that, we’re supposed to make “family time” and discipleship a priority. Yeah, sure. In our free time?

During stressful times, it’s easy let what’s urgent to squeeze out what’s truly important. It’s natural to choose what’s comforting over all that’s compulsory. However, we can’t avoid the fact that our kids need support and shepherding now more than ever.

If you’re like me, and many other parents I know, all of this is enough to send us looking for a deserted island until Jesus returns. As long as it doesn’t have wifi, right? Well, before we resort to island life, I want to help.

The Family Ministry Team and I have been working on some creative ways to support your family with a variety of weekly resources. For now, one resource we’d like to highlight is a calendar with simple and fun activities to encourage bonding and kingdom-building as a family. Here are a couple of examples:

September 9th: As a family – decide together to do something your family would not normally do. Eat dinner on the driveway, in your pajamas, or without utensils. Maybe roll the windows down in the car and blast the music at the stoplights. Skip your chores or make your bed! Laugh together at how wacky (or unwacky) your family is!

September 30: Have each member of the family choose a proverb to discuss together.

As you can see, some days are light-hearted and others are more serious. They all involve no-prep, are adaptable to all ages, and encourage family time with a Kingdom purpose. Use it daily or choose one favorite idea to try each week. Share it with another family and join forces. Remember, it’s meant to be a tool, not a rule.

Click HERE to access the calendar. Print them off and you’ll be set for two whole months. If Jesus doesn’t come by then, maybe we’ll rethink our island plan?

Seriously, hang in there, Mom and Dad. You’re doing great. One day at a time.

Posted by Karen Brown

Career Care Ministry Launched

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Needing to find work can be challenging even under the best of circumstances. Whether it’s a first job or you have made many transitions throughout your career, finding the right job, especially given our current circumstances, can be confusing, discouraging, and exhausting.

Thankfully, belonging to the body of Christ means we are called to carry each other’s burdens (Galatians 6:2). The Central community has been blessed with a number of individuals who not only love the Lord and serving others, but who also have a lot of expertise in mentoring and providing career assistance. A group of people with these gifts and who also share a sense of calling have come together to launch an exciting new ministry.

The new Career Care Ministry is the result of this sense of calling. The Career Care team will walk beside, serve, and encourage job-seekers providing mentorship and career assistance as their lives continue to be transformed by the renewing work of Jesus Christ. Under the leadership of Pastor Charles Godwin, the ministry team is comprised of Amanda Lothman, Bob Mark, Terry Fox, Pat Stark, Pete Deibel and Gary Smith. Many members of the ministry team have been helping people in this capacity over the years, but this is the first time Central has offered a specialized ministry for this very purpose.

The ministry has developed a defined process and resources to assist the participants in this systematic faith based engagement. If you or someone you know is actively looking for new employment, no matter where you are in the search process, or if you are interested in joining the ministry as a mentor, we encourage you to contact our the Career Care ministry. Your requests will of course be kept in strict confidence. May the Lord bless you in your search!

Posted by Christian Meeks

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