National Missions


Academic Connections

Jim Cook
P.O. Box 270519
Louisville, CO 80027

Jim serves as Executive Director of Academic Connections, an organization that helps create and resource an international network of Christian faculty and scholars, principally at secular institutions of higher learning. 

Missions - Campbell

Cadence Int'l./Military Outreach

Jeff & Candy Campbell
Ausserdorf 37
79429 Malsburg - Marzell
011-49-172-633-4284 |

Cadence International is an evangelical mission agency dedicated to reaching the military communities of the United States and of the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. For nearly six decades, Cadence has grown from a small, fledgling mission to an organization with close to 200 missionaries who work in over 50 locations worldwide. 
Cadence serves all branches of the U.S. military in American and overseas locations. Comprised of nearly 4 million people, the U.S. military community has proven to be one of the largest, most responsive sub-cultures today. Cadence ministers not only military personnel, but to their spouses and dependents as well. Cadence Student Ministries is the youth division of Cadence, reaching out to children and youth in the military community. 

Covenant Theological Seminary

12330 Conway Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63141

Established in 1956, Covenant Theological Seminary was born out of a desire to maintain the integrity of God’s Word and to proclaim God’s truth in face of accelerating unbelief.  Today, we remain as firmly committed as ever to excellence in theological education from a Reformed perspective and to our distinct emphasis on the power of the gospel to transform lives and to motivate hearts for ministry.  By God’s grace, we have grown from humble beginnings (we had only 11 students when we began) into one of the leading evangelical seminaries in North America, with nearly 3,000 alumni serving in every state and 40 nations around the world.

Emmaus Correspondence School of Missouri/Set Free Ministries

9188 Eddie & Park Road
St. Louis, MO 63123

Emmaus Correspondence School began in 1942 to make solid Bible teaching available to those who could not attend Emmaus Bible School in person. Courses are now available in 118 languages with over 800 distribution centers located around the world. 
Set Free Ministries serves inmates in prisons and jails in Missouri and Illinois. These incarcerated students account for the majority of our enrollment, but we also serve students from the general public through our domestic ministry. Our desire is to make the Emmaus road to Bible knowledge available to everyone. 



Faith Rx’D works to strengthen the fitness community for Christ-centered living and impact. Local chapters inspire their community through authentic relationships, competition, and enriching content such as training camps and events in cities around the world. As mature disciples of Christ, leaders serve their communities and engage and equip others.

Missionary - Gideons

Gideons International (Creve Coeur Camp)

Gideons have a long history of successfully placing God’s word around the world. They operate in 190 countries, and distribute Bibles in 90 different languages. Many Central members are among the Gideons in the U. S.

Global Grace fellowship

John Splinter

Global Grace Fellowship's focus is on planting churches among unreached peoples around the world. They have been preparing and sending missionaries since 1930. John's role is working with the organization's President, Larry Phillips, helping with member health, recruitment, pre-field screening and training, writing, development and more, to expand GGF's Kingdom impact dramatically in the coming years.

Lay Renewal Ministries

Marty Guise

Believing that the church is God's instrument for reaching a lost and dying world, Lay Renewal Ministries (LRM) seeks to serve local churches as they renew, motivate and equip men and women for ministry. To meet this purpose, LRM offers a variety of events, including: leadership training, congregational celebrations (faith, prayer, abundant life, purpose and the Word), consultative master planning tools and equipping resources.

Student Mobilization - KSU

Alex and Anna Hrebec

An interdenominational ministry, STUMO helps students to experience God in a genuine way and to grow in that relationship during college and beyond. The ministry helps build leaders that will have a positive impact on their families, communities, country, and the world


Rachel Ziebarth

Feeling called to missions while in graduate school, Rachel has a passion to fight Bible poverty in Asia. Using her wide missions experience, she is working on a 5 year plan to develop Biblical studies programs for countries in the 10/40 window.