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Staying Connected

Staying Connected

November 13, 2020

If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on regarding the pandemic, it is that it is not easy. In fact, just about everything about it has been hard, and now as we see winter and the holidays on the horizon and COVID cases rising, it appears things could become even more challenging. Lord, may your ever-loving mercy continue and may you bring relief from this virus!

One lament we frequently hear about is about the loss of community, the loss of regular connection with friends and family. In this regard the virus has spared no one. While “seeing” each other online or chatting on the phone isn’t the same as we’re used to, there are still a lot of ways to stay connected.

This past summer and fall, the pastors, staff, and lay leaders at Central worked to deliver a variety of new ways to remain in community with one another. Online book clubs and Bible studies provided discipleship opportunities (and a chance to check out each others’ living rooms!). We saw EquipU go online as well, with Bible studies, kids’ programming, and classes ranging from mental health topics to harmonica lessons. Many of our small groups and Sunday school classes developed ways to either meet socially distanced in person, or went online. Of course, we also were able to return to in-person worship on Sunday mornings. While not the experience any of us are accustomed to, even with masks and social distancing it has been a joy to be together again in the sanctuary.

Looking ahead, we have been putting our creativity to work in an effort to try and keep things as fresh and engaging as possible given the circumstances. A few of the things currently in the works:

  • A Thanksgiving worship guide for use with your family and friends. Pastor Randy Mayfield is recording a special Thanksgiving message, plus there will be a liturgy you can use at home, and even some music recorded by our own Matt Mazzoni!

  • Given the challenges of producing our traditional live Christmas concert in the midst of a pandemic, Matt and the music ministry are hard at work preparing a very special Christmas video. This professionally-filmed movie will be a wonderful addition to your family’s Christmas season.

  • We continue to look at how we might take advantage of technology to help you stay connected with the church. New website features such as the prayer wall have already been introduced, and in early 2021, a new app for your phones and tablets will be available.

  • A new Widows/Widowers newsletter is in development and will be mailed out in December.

  • A whole new slate of classes, Bible studies, and book clubs are in the works for 2021 as well. If you haven’t tried an online class or small group, we encourage you to give it a shot this winter!

While these things are great, we realize they can’t really replace all that we are missing during COVID. If you would like to speak with someone or have a pastor pray for you, please know that we are here for you. Contact our Congregational Care office by clicking here.

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