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A Taste of Central

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Are you new to Central? Have you had questions like these?

Who are the pastors and other leaders in this church?

How can I find out more about what is happening at the church?

Where are the rooms and buildings I keeping hearing about?

What opportunities are there to connect with others?

What groups are available for me to join?

How can I volunteer and use my gifts to serve at Central?

How do I become a member of Central?

If any of these questions resonate or there are similar topics you are curious about, we invite you to attend "A Taste of Central" lunch on Sunday, August 21, from 12:15-1:15pm in the Fellowship Hall.  

You will have the opportunity to enjoy a meal and fellowship with pastors, ministry staff, and lay leaders who will answer your questions and provide an introduction to the core values and vision of the church. It is our desire to give you a “taste” of how you can connect and begin to know and be known by others in different ministry groups for adults and children of all ages. We promise a delicious meal and an opportunity to take the next step in knowing and being known at Central. An optional campus tour will follow lunch for those who would like to explore our campus and learn how to navigate its many twists and turns.

If you have ever wondered about why and how to become a member of Central, "A Taste of Central" also provides an introduction to Discovery, a four-week class providing an introduction to the basic beliefs, history, and ministry of Central. Discovery is a great chance to meet new people and to learn even more about Central. There is no requirement or expectation to continue to the Membership class after Discovery ends, but the course is a prerequisite for the eight-week membership class. Discovery begins September 11.

If you are interested in attending "A Taste of Central," please RSVP to Kate Spielman ( or 314-854-0178).  Childcare will be provided. Thank you for being at Central, and we look forward to getting to know you better!

3 Big Reasons for a New Website

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Welcome to the new, updated centralpres.com! I hope you enjoy the new site and its many features. We had three primary goals as we started this project:

  1. Make the site easier to use. Kind of like a home you live in for many years, the old centralpres.com had accumulated a lot of "stuff" causing some crowding and confusion. We wanted the new site to be easier to navigate so it is easier for you to find the content that is important to you.
  2. Make the site more visually appealing and engaging. The old site was built on technology that was significantly out of date. Couple this with a content approach that was also outdated, and it came as no surprise when a site audit we commissioned showed a site with performance and engagement metrics well below other churches of similar size and demographics. The new centralpres.com will have a greater emphasis on video and graphical content, and an extremely robust calendar section. New features such as a small group finder will also be rolled out in the near future.
  3. Make the site more available to mobile users. Statistics show more and more people use their smart phone or tablet as their primary means of accessing the internet. The new site is "responsive," meaning it will be equally accessible via an iPhone as it will your laptop or PC. Less scrolling, more engaging.

Ultimately, our goal is to create a site "so others may know him."

We hope you will take some time to browse around the new centralpres.com. Please know it remains a work in progress, and over the coming weeks more content will be introduced almost daily.