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Stand Alone Sermons

A Cross-Shaped Life: A Study in 1 Corinthians

Join us as we look at how the cross is the power for our life, and how this power comes into our lives through the Holy Spirit. We will examine how the cross shape the way we think of issues such as spiritual mentorship, sex, singleness, bearing with others, worship, love, spiritual gifts, and more.

The Crucible of Joy

The idea life’s challenges can produce something far greater than we could imagine is the focus of the new sermon series being delivered by pastor Eric Stiller, titled “The Crucible of Joy.” From where do we get our joy? How do we respond when the heat gets turned up in our lives?

This series is a study on Paul's Letter to the Philippians, a beautiful letter filled with encouragement for the local church to live in unity with one another for Christ. Paul faced great uncertainty as he wrote to the church in Philippi. Imprisoned, the Apostle faced the possibility of execution. But his unwavering focus on the gospel made it possible for Paul to not merely survive his suffering, but actually rejoice during such times. How was Paul able to do this? Ultimately, it was Paul’s deep, deep love for Christ and  his knowledge the Gospel would continue to advance regardless of his own life’s circumstances that comforted him.

We too can be vessels for the gospel or not, depending on how we respond when the heat gets turned up. The crucibles in our own lives - in whatever form they may take - can serve as testing places where God creates something far grander and more beautiful than we could imagine. This doesn’t comfort us however unless Christ is our highest love. Jesus must be the focal point of our joy.