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Wednesday, 9/13/23 at 6:00pm

About the Event

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Luke 4-9: Jesus in the Cafeteria”; Whether you go to a public school, private school or you do school at home, the cafeteria represents the place we put all our greatest hopes and where all our worst fears are realized. The cafeteria is where we are faced with our biggest questions: Who am I? Do I like me? What do these other people think about me? Do they think about me? Do I fit in? Who are my friends? How do I choose them? Are they changing me? For the better or the worse?

This semester we’re going to study Jesus’ ministry in Galilee as outlined in Luke’s Gospel. We’ll be answering the question, “Who do you say Jesus is?” because how we answer this question has profound effect on how we answer all our other burning cafeteria questions.

Oh yeah, we’ll play some crazy games and have awesome prizes as well!


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