Questioning Faith: Discussing Honest Questions about Christianity

Wednesday, 4/3/24 at 6:00pm

About the Event

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Pastor Mike Farley and Pastor Ben Tzeng

This class is a forum to ask hard, honest questions about the Christian faith and to seek honest answers together in group discussion. We welcome questions about the Christian faith from all perspectives and people. The only faith worth having is a faith that is true, and so we want to examine faith by tackling hard, honest questions, raising honest doubts, and thinking through objections and challenges to faith with truth and grace.

  • April 3: Is the Christian God the Only True God?
  • April 10: Is Christianity Anti-Science?
  • April 17: Has Christianity Been Good or Bad for the World?
  • April 24: Class Q & A: Ask Anything!
  • May 1: Class Q & A: Ask Anything!

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