How Media Is Formed and How It Forms Us

Wednesday, 9/15/21 at 6:30pm

About the Event


How does media influence our spiritual health? Starting September 8, Dr. Ned O’Gorman, Professor of Communication at the University of Illinois, will teach a five-week class on Wednesdays at 6:30pm (both at church in the Parlor and on Zoom) titled “How Media Is Formed and How It Forms Us.” It will focus on how the media industry has drastically changed in the last several decades; how various media shape both what and how we think and relate to others; and how to critically evaluate the purposes and impact of media from the perspective of biblical ethics.

Dr. O’Gorman is not only a specialist in media studies but also a graduate of Covenant Seminary and an elder at a Reformed church. He has a great desire to help the church navigate the complicated world of media in ways that are faithful to Christ. Please join us for this timely and relevant study! To get the Zoom link, please register in advance. 


Class Recordings

Miss a session? To make sure you have access to this important class, we are pleased to offer videos from the previous week.

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Week 5

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