Mental Wellness

Tuesday, 10/19/21 at 7:00pm

About the Event


This Fall on Tuesday evenings (September 14 – October 19) from 7 – 8 p.m. on Zoom, our Mental Wellness Series continues. We will discuss expanding our perspective on trauma including Adverse Childhood Experiences as well as other under-recognized traumas in light of the overall goal to help people create resiliency and growth after trauma.

In our 1st 2 sessions we will look more in-depth at the topic of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) which can develop regardless of family wealth, status, ethnicity, or religion. We’ll discover how prevalent ACEs is, what can be done to help kids with ACEs (often labeled as the “problem student”), and learn “tools” that can help students with ACEs be successful.

Then we will spend a session looking at how unrecognized traumas (ACEs and others) affects us and what growth after trauma looks like.

That will lead us into 3 sessions on creating resiliency after trauma. It is often said, “Our story starts at home”, and our view of God, self and the world around us is impacted by early shaping events and relationships. Pulling from evidence-based research, we will learn how to build strong bonds of attachment for children, how to foster resilience across our children’s lifespan as well as for adults, and how to be equipped with the building blocks for navigating the ups and downs of life.

Our presenters include Gina Birkemeier (MAC, LPC), Christi Brandenstein (MAC, LPC), and John Cordray (LPC, LPCC, NCC)


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