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An artwork can be a doxology...

by Matt Mazzoni on January 20, 2023

“An artwork can be a doxology in itself.”  - Francsis Schaffer

As we begin 2023, Central’s Concert Series continues to engage our community and culture through events that sit at the intersection of art and faith.  We have two events in January and February that we are very excited to present.  They feature different kinds of performers and music, but they share the same goals- giving us a glimpse of eternity.

On January 30 at 7pm, Central presents players from the Ariel Concert Series performing chamber music for winds and piano.  The concert will feature musicians from the St. Louis Symphony orchestra as well as Central’s Matthew and Jennifer Mazzoni presenting two works: a youthful trio for flute, bassoon, and piano by Beethoven and the elegant Quintet for oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, and piano by Mozart.

The Ariel Concert Series launched in the summer of 2020 with the desire to share hope and healing through music in the midst of the pandemic.  Since then, they have partnered with St. Louis Symphony and other area musicians to present free concerts across the Saint Louis region, with the goal of making beautiful classical music accessible to as many people as possible.  A great, inspired work of art echoes God’s creativity, can convey his presence, and casts a vision beyond our daily realities.  In the words of Founder and Chairman of Ariel Premium Supply and Ariel Concert Series, Tai Lin, “I firmly believe that quality classical music in everyone’s life is so crucial to a healthy spirit, just like quality food to a healthy body.”  Come and partake in this experience on Monday, January 30 in Central’s sanctuary.  This concert does not require a ticket.

On February 24, acclaimed singer, song-writer, and author Sandra McCracken will perform a special concert at Central.  Sandra is known for a compelling honesty in her songs, blending the old and the new in a way that recasts the richness of scripture into songs that speak directly to the soul.  She is a prolific songwriter, having recorded 14 solo albums over two decades of work, including the critically acclaimed Psalms (2015) and God’s Highway (2017) Many of her songs, including “We Will Feast in the House of Zion”, “Steadfast”, and “Abiding City”, are sung in churches across the country. 

As a writer, Sandra McCracken regularly contributes to Christianity Today and released her first book, Send Out Your Light, in 2021.  She also hosts The Slow Work, a podcast where she has conversations with people about God’s work in their everyday lives.  Her work focuses on a genuine and authentic encouragement to people’s faith, emphasizing that even though we often struggle and fall short in our walk with God, we continue on, step by step, keeping our eyes firmly fixed on Christ as our guide and goal.

The concert with Sandra McCracken is Friday, February 24 at 7:30pm, and requires tickets.  Please visit centralpres.com/concerts for more information and to buy tickets.  You can also learn more about our other upcoming concert events and how you can support the concert series and empower the arts at Central through your continued financial support.

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