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Anxiety Support Group Forming

by Charles Godwin on August 01, 2022

The Mental Wellness Team is finalizing plans for an anxiety support group led by Brian Masat, a licensed professional counselor at Killeen Counseling, to begin in September 2022. The group is open to anyone of post-high school age and up. Group size will be limited, however, a second group may be added based on interest.


This group will be an understanding, confidential place to explore and name how your own struggle with anxiety affects your life. Though a group can be difficult for those of you facing this challenge, it can also be a place of healing. Led by a professional counselor, this group will last for 12 weeks and will help you to identify triggers in your life, expand your understanding of a whole range of feelings, validate your own experience, increase your sense of connection to others, and provide practical skills for coping with anxiety. 


If you would like to join, please send an email to   or call the church office at 314-727-2777. In order to enroll, Interested participants will be asked to schedule a conversation with the counselor prior to the beginning of the group just to be sure that the group focus and goals will meet the needs of all who participate.  


Tentative start date:  Wednesday, September 7, continuing for 12 weeks

Tentative Time:  6:15-7:30pm


Central Presbyterian Church (room TBA)



The mental wellness ministry at Central provides support and resources to people who are living with or caring for someone with mental health challenges. If you would like to speak with someone who understands or we can be of assistance in some other way, we encourage to reach out to . If  you are experiencing a crisis,  please call 314.647.HELP (314-647-4357), OR dial 911, or go to the nearest emergency room.


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