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Bringing Worship to you

Bringing Worship to you

by Jeff Brown on June 11, 2021

Did you know that according to a recent Forbes article, it is estimated that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017?1 YouTube alone has some two billion users, with more than a billion hours of video is watched daily2. While we may lament some of the impact social media has had on our culture, there is one thing everyone can agree on: video is here to stay.

Each and every week, your staff and a team of dedicated volunteers work to deliver Central's worship services to your computers, phones, and tablets, allowing you to participate in worship from wherever you may be. We have heard from members connecting from their living rooms, homes of relatives living far away, the mountains, and even foreign beaches! We have also heard from many guests and new members who shared that their first connection to Central was online.

Here are four ways for you to connect with Central's video offerings:

  1. Our website: Each Sunday morning and for some special events, we broadcast to our "Live" page. Typically, we go on-air approximately 5 minutes or so before the published start time for the event. 

  2. Facebook: We "simulcast" our Sunday worship services and some special events to our Facebook page. When we go live, you should find the video towards the top of our profile page. 

  3. YouTube: Given the immense popularity of YouTube, it makes sense that we have a presence there. We simulcast Sunday morning worship to YouTube, and will also be uploading content such as our devotionals to this channel.

  4. Vimeo: Vimeo is the primary "hub" for all of Central's video content. It is where our livestream video originates, and the repository for all of our uploaded content. Here you will find "channels" of similar video: previous worship services, devotionals, Children's church lessons, and more.

There may be occasions when, despite our very best efforts, you experience some technical difficulties. To deliver live video to your phone on the beach, our data makes many, many "hops": form our network to our internet service provider; across their network and through the cloud to your internet service provider; down to your local network and eventually to your device. In these rare instances when something goes awry, here are a few recommendations:

  • Check out the live chat box on our livestream page. When we go live, the chat also goes live and a member of our team is always monitoring the conversation. If there is some sort of system-wide issue, we will notify you in this space first. This chat is actually pulled directly from Vimeo, so if you prefer to watch there, you will also be able to see the same announcements. We will also post to Facebook and YouTube, but the chat feature is where we will post first.
  • Try another video source. If no update has been posted, then it is likely the issue is either localized or at least not 100% system-wide. In these instances, we recommend you try Vimeo since all of our other channels are receiving the video feed from there. Here is a direct link to our current live worship events on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/event/852608
  • Try another device. As they say, "performance may vary." Sometimes computers act up, and not all machines are created equally. So, even though they are in the same location, depending on a host of factors, your laptop may do better than your phone, which does better than your tablet (or the order may be reversed!). 
  • Use the best connection possible. The stronger connection you have, the more data will be processed faster. This means less lag and higher quality video. Wired connections will always be better than wireless. So, if you want to watch on your television at home, we recommend downloading the Vimeo app instead of trying to Airplay the stream from your phone.
  • Ask for help. We want you to have the best streaming experience possible, and LOVE to help solve problems! If you're having issues with our stream and the options above haven't helped, please let us know. When you send a note, please include as much info as possible: the nature of the problem, what type of device you are using, and what sort of connection you have. Always be as specific as possible. The more info we have, the quicker we may be able to help you resolve the problem. We also have a Support Page with additional information and links that may be helpful.

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