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The Sweet Ministry of Connection

The Sweet Ministry of Connection

by Julie Kraus on August 12, 2022

From family holidays to work events, from weddings to memorials, food is almost always a key part of what we gather together around. In these moments together, we experience joy and laughter. Sometimes we cry and console one another. We might even argue! But as we break bread together around the table, something special happens. We are drawn close to one another in a special way.

At Central, we are blessed with enough resources to have our very own hospitality ministry. My daughter Natalie and I have made it our life’s work to create food and a place for you to relax and be together. It is a great joy for us to see the Central community gather in the Fellowship Hall, enjoying our creations. God’s presence is so evident as the grace of fellowship flows throughout the room. This summer, we had brunches for the first time in several years. It was SO great to get back to this seasonal tradition. We are also planning some fun food for this month between services! 

 I really hope you will come down stairs and see us this Sunday. We are making specialty cinnamon rolls that you will absolutely love. A few folks have taste-tested them this week, and the reviews are nothing short of amazing. One friend this week exclaimed, “Oh my, these are KILLER cinnamon rolls!” (Not dangerous…delicious!) Please come down to Fellowship Hall this Sunday between services to be part of the fun, and to reconnect with one another. That’s really what it’s all about, right!? Seeing so many of you gathered for brunches in Fellowship Hall this summer, it reminded us once again of how important it is for us to be together around the table, breaking bread (and cinnamon rolls) and experiencing the blessing of fellowship. When we get together, God’s grace pours out. Come join us! You’ll know where to go by the hint of cinnamon in the air!

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