Who is peeps for?

We serve children 8 weeks to five years old.

when is peeps offered?

We have two sessions available. For both, a full day is 9am–2pm and a half day is 9am - 12pm. Half days are not offered to the 3’s or 4/5 year old classes.

The school year session is from September through May, and is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Our summer session runs in June and July and is on Mondays and Wednesdays only.

what is the student to teacher ratio?

Infants 5:2

Toddlers 8:2

Early walkers 10:2

Young 2’s 10:2

Older 2’s 10:2

3’s 12:2

4-5’s 12:2

when is the school year session?

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from September to May.

how much does Peeps cost for the school year?

Full Days (Summer Tuition)

2 full days: $1,0474/summer;  $524/month

Half Days (Summer Tuition)

2 half days: $640/summer;  $320/month

Full Days (School Year Tuition)

1 Full Day $1,789/year; $199/month (first floor classes only)
2 Full Days $3,578/year; $398/month
3 Full Days $5,302/year; $589/month

Half Days (School Year Tuition)

2 Half Days $2,392/year; $266/month (first floor classes only)
3 Half Days $3,578/year; $398/month (first floor classes only)

For full day children, there is a 20% discount in tuition per additional child. CPC members receive a 10% discount on their first child in addition to the above mentioned second child discount.

Registration Fees:

Summer:  $60  ($50 for CPC members)
School Year:  $110 ($80 for CPC members)
Drop-ins are $60/day. Late tuition payment fee will be $25.

is there a discount for enrolling additional children?

Yes, for full day children, there is a 20% discount in tuition per additional child.

Do central members receive a discount?

Yes, Central members receive 10% off of their first child's tuition. Additional children receive the discounts as described above.

What enrollment options do i have?

We offer families the flexibility of having their child(ren) attend one, two, or three full days a week or two or three half days a week. We do not offer one half day. A full day is 9am-2pm and a half day is 9am-noon. Half days are not offered to the 3’s or 4/5 year old classes.

What is the curriculum?

You can view the school-year curriculum here, or the summer curriculum here.

What is your policy on child safety?

Your child's safety is very important to us. Please click here for our Child-Safe Policy.

If my child attends a half day, will he eat lunch with his class?

No, half day children do not eat lunch at PEEPs.

What extracurricular classes do you offer?

We offer music class twice a week, as well as science, art, and yoga twice a month.

I am not quite ready to enroll my child because I still have some questions. what should i do?

Sure, please email Christine Vandervoort if you have any questions. 

I am ready to take the next step towards enrolling my child. what should i do?

Click on the pre-registration button and fill out the form. If your child receives a spot in the PEEPs program, a registration packet will be emailed to you in March for the summer program and June for the school year program. When all required information from the registration packet is returned, then your child will be officially enrolled. If there is not an available spot, you will receive and email letting you know where your child is on the waiting list.