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Dear Friends and Family of Central Presbyterian Church,

I am very excited to be writing to you as the new Director of Music at Central. As a believer, I knew Central Pres as a leading authentic Christian voice for the Gospel in our community well before coming to serve in ministry in this church. As a musician, I knew Central as a place where worship and music thrived with excellence in abundance. And now as a part of the ministry team, I am discovering more every day our greatest treasure- the extraordinary people of this church, gifted and guided by God’s Holy Spirit to powerfully impact our community and our world. 

A quick word about myself, as some of you may be curious: I grew up in rural Pennsylvania and attended college at the University of Michigan and Indiana University prior taking my first position on the faculty of Murray State University in Kentucky, later moving into music ministry here in St. Louis. By training I am a classical pianist, often performing in collaboration with my wife Jennifer (née Toro). Jennifer is a flautist who grew up here in St. Louis, and we enjoy raising our 3 children here as well. I accepted Jesus Christ and experienced a true spiritual rebirth in 2004, and since that time, whether in sanctuary or on a concert stage, it has been my goal to worship the Lord and reveal him to others through music and the arts.                                            

I would like to invite those of you among us with interests and gifts in music to consider joining one of our musical groups for the upcoming ministry season. We have opportunities available to sing or play an instrument for nearly every age group, and our only prerequisite is a desire to serve the Lord through music. Please take a look at the list on the back to see where you might fit in our ministry, and plan to visit us in the choir room on Sept. 3rd, after the Party on the Parking Deck, to meet with a member of the worship ministry talk about how you can become involved!


Grace and peace to you,


A. Matthew Mazzoni

Director of Music

Posted by Matt Mazzoni

Compassion, Bed Sheets, & Bandages

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For more than 40 years, White Cross has been a mission of Central's women's ministry. The "Holy Rollers" turn old sheets into bandages which are then sent to the remote corners of the world to help those in great need.  Over the summer months, each Tuesday morning at 9:30 a group of women meet in the Fellowship Hall. They turn old bed sheets into rolled bandages.

For many years, bandages were sent to a specific medical missionary, Dr. John Frederick, who was a member of Central and working in the Comores Islands. Today, they are delivered to Wings of Hope, a Nobel Prize-nominated organization delivering humanitarian programs to the impoverished across the globe. The bandages are used for everything from covering open wounds and holding IV catheters in place, to supporting mosquito nets hung over burn victims. After they are past their prime, your old sheets may even be rolled into tight balls as toys for children to play with.

This is a wonderful ministry for all ages, with many of the women bringing their children or grandchildren to participate. They enjoy serving and being in community with each other, and after the work is done, there is a salad luncheon and guest speaker. 

All are welcome, so if you'd like to get involved, just show up at the Fellowship Hall next Tuesday at 9:30. Even if you can't attend on Tuesdays, you can participate by donating your old sheets - white, colored, prints, whatever.  All will be put to good use. A collection box is available near the entrance to the Fellowship Hall. 

Posted by Jeff Brown

5 Things to Know About Parking at Central

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We love our location right in the heart of St. Louis. We aren't north county or south, nor are we downtown or west county, but right in the middle of our wonderful metro area.

While being in Clayton has many advantages, space is at a premium. This can sometimes make parking a challenge. To help remedy this situation, we are currently constructing a two-level parking garage for our guests and members, located just south of our sanctuary building.

As with anything new, there will be a period of transition. We've assembled the following "FAQ" to help make your next visit to Central easier.

Q: When will the garage be open?

A: The current schedule is for the Student Center to be substantially complete by May 30, the garage by the end of July, and the site work by mid- to late August. Most of the site work will need to be completed in order for the Student Center and garage to be accessible and usable. We are hoping to pick up some time now that we have good weather. As you know, things can change with projects of this magnitude, so watch this space for updates.

Q: May I park in the neighborhood until the garage is ready?

A: Effective June 1, the answer will be “no” Monday through Saturday. On Sundays, you may park in designated areas in the neighborhood from 8am to 1pm. As always, please be observant of all parking signs, and be sure to leave plenty of space around our neighbors’ driveways.

Q: Will a shuttle bring me from a remote lot to the church?

A: Yes! On Sundays shuttle service will operate between Central and the remote parking locations. During the week, shuttle service may be available for certain larger events. Please check the events section on our website (centralpres.com/resources/calendar) or contact the church office at 314-727-2777 to verify shuttle service for events taking place Monday-Saturday.

Q: Where are the remote lots located?

A: There are three remote parking locations: In the Central Christian School garage (700 South Hanley Rd.), at the northeast corner of Hanley and Clayton (site of the former Schnucks store), and at 7930 Clayton Rd, behind the former Layton’s restaurant.

Q: My child is in PEEPs. Will I still be able to park on Biltmore when I drop her off or pick her up?

A: Yes, but only in the designated drop-off/pick-up zone. Basically, you will only be able to park your car in front of Central-owned property. Once the garage is completed, PEEPs families will be able to park in the garage and have direct access the nursery through a new rear entrance.

Posted by Jeff Brown