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Your staff team has been thinking about how we can further support and encourage one another in this time of social distancing. Pastor Charles Godwin came up with the idea of doing a daily video devotional. 

Each evening after the dinner hour, Monday through Friday, you will receive an email from our Pastor of Congregational Care, Charles Godwin. As many of you already know, Charles is a wonderful blessing to our Central family. Each email will have a link to a short (5 minutes or less) video devotional from one of our staff. Alternatively, you can visit our Vimeo channel or this page and choose from the list below to view any of the already-released videos. We hope that you find these devotionals encouraging, and that they give you a stronger sense of connection to our staff.
Thank you for continuing to be part of God’s mission at Central, dear friends. It is a joy to be part of it with you. Keep an eye out for emails from Pastor Charles each evening in the days ahead with a link to your Central Evening Devotional


Monday, March 30 - Charles Godwin

Tuesday, March 31 - Jamie Afshari

Wednesday, April 1 - Clay Smith

Thursday, April 2 - Karen Brown

Friday, April 3 - Ben Tzeng

Monday, April 6 - Tim Page

Tuesday, April 7 - Randy Mayfield

Wednesday, April 8 - Lisa Roth

Thursday, April 9 - Mike Farley

Friday, April 10 - Cole Lescher

Monday, April 13 - Jeff Brown

Tuesday, April 14 - Charles Godwin

Wednesday, April 15 - Matt Woodson

Thursday, April 16 - Matt Mazzoni

Friday, April 17 - Message from Pastor Clay

Monday, April 20 - Karen Brown

Tuesday, April 21 - Ben Tzeng

Wednesday, April 22 - Lisa Roth

Thursday, April 23 - Randy Mayfield

Friday, April 24 - Jaime Afshari

Monday, April 27 - Tim Page

Tuesday, April 28 - Mike Farley

Wednesday, April 29 - Cole Lescher

Thursday, April 30 - Jeff Brown

Friday, May 1 - Matt Mazzoni

Monday, May 4 - Matt Woodson

Tuesday, May 5 - Charles Godwin

Thursday, May 7 - Ben Tzeng

Friday, May 8 - Clay Smith

Monday, May 11 - Tim Page 

Wednesday, May 13 - Randy Mayfield

Thursday, May 14 - Mike Farley

Friday, May 15 - Cole Lescher

Monday, May 18 - Charles Godwin

Tuesday, May 19 - Lisa Roth

Wednesday, May 20 - Nathan Burgess


Monday, May 25 - Christan Perrona

Tuesday, May 26 - Ben Tzeng

Wednesday, May 27 - Cole Lescher

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Bible Reading Plan

If you were following along with our Bible reading plan in InfoCentral, you might be missing which scripture passages you need to read. We want to encourage everyone to continue reading scripture especially now in this difficult time, so enjoy this complete reading plan below!

Bible Reading Plan

12345678910 ... 1819